Director: Sunder C

Cast: Satyaraj, Roja, Sujatha, Radharavi, Goundamani, Senthil, Vinu Chakravarthy, Ponnambalam

"This baby has such a beautiful smile, I will name him Azhagarsamy," says the village elder Radharavi. Sujatha, who had pledged the baby when it was in the womb for she was in dire financial straits, left the baby at his doorstep. A couple of years later the mother does return with the money to claim her son. But the landlord pretends ignorance of the boy's whereabouts for he did not want to let the boy go. He had become attached to the boy, and the boy's arrival had proved lucky for the man as he had prospered and flourished since then. The boy grows into a strapping youth (!), the smile that had attracted the  zamindar is no longer visible, though he still carries the name. The zamindar's daughter Roja is the haughty, arrogant, headstrong girl who is city educated and returns to her village reluctantly, doing whatever a haughty, arrogant, headstrong miss does in films. Slaps anyone she doesn't take to, jumps into the village pond in mini dresses that leaves little to the imagination and gives a piece of her mind to the ogling villagers. Some disgruntled relatives take advantage of her animosity towards her father, and try to make her a pawn in their game to get at his wealth. Roja thwarts all her father's attempts to get her married. And the frustrated father zeroes in on Azhagar as the right man to teach his daughter a lesson. He declares that he had made Azhagar the heir to his fortune and Roja would get it provided she married Azhagar.

Roja agrees and the marriage takes place. Her plan to divorce him the next instant when she gets her hands on the money also backfires. And then she finds herself pregnant. Result of one of those 'filmy' marital rapes, when a drunken Azhagar had forced himself on an apparently helpless spouse. Now Azhagar finding the ball in his court agrees for the divorce provided Roja delivers his baby and hands it over to him safely. The legal aspects are a little confusing here. Anyway one was not expected to take them seriously. Meanwhile Azhagar and his mother have these accidental encounters where the duo exchange long lingering looks (mother-son sentiment in action) making the zamindar jittery. Later the mother gets to know of the fact and persuades the zamindar to introduce her in the house as the new maid. Then the expected happens for Roja thaws and discovers new qualities in her husband, gets soft on her unborn babe, realises the machinations of her relatives. Satyaraj discovers that the maid is none other than his own mother, and the audience discover that it is time to breathe a sigh of relief as the movie was to come to an end.

Satyaraj never gets tired of playing the same 'Strapping youth-falling-in-love' type of roles. Roja plays the haughty miss to the hilt. Radharavi gets a meaty role and makes the most of it. Sujatha, sidelined for the past few years, gets a role that gives her a lot of scope to emote and she does a fine job. And as for Goundamani, his shouting (read it as comedy) could have been heard across states.